Monday, July 05, 2010

Fast Food Favourite - Freddie's

During my grad school days, I would frequent a restaurant that holds a special place in my heart - "Freddies".

My personal favourite was the Double Link Italian Sausage - lots of meat, some delicious and crunchy peppers, beef gravy, the heavenly mozarella, served with fries on the side - what more can one ask for!

Folks in Chicago, I know all of us have a favourite Italian restaurant hidden in some nook or corner but this one's definitely worth a visit - if you are not into sandwiches, go for the pizza - one bite into the cheesy goodness and you shall be a Freddies fan for life!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A little Ditty!

A few days ago, I read something written by a friend. I could totally relate to him and his plight, sailing in the same boat myself. So here goes - a couple of lines - an attempt to lighten our serious situation!

Its not a careless whisper any more,
Nor is it a mighty sigh,
But it really is an irksome bore,
That bothers me day and night.

The ones who have press me so,
Few who don't grow fewer still,
But, do they really know,
The reason I have no will?

"First you play and then you study,
And, then you finally get a job.
And then my friend, its time to marry!"
Says the jubilant mob.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Place 1.0.-1

Cool facts about the city I am from:

"Coolkada, the city of Nostroo - the Epsyminian Sith Lord, is famous for the creation of giant Roschocogollas; it is believed that the city originated when Gollarexia, the Supreme Abbot of the Durc Side, decided that the victory over the Luyt Side required commemoration very grand and monumental. Thus, Coolkada was born. Even now, a thousand years later, it is the foremost creator and producer of Roschocogollas in EarthlingsLand. The latest creation has been termed Totcoolroschocogolla and sells for milli$453.29 per millipound."

"Coolkada is densely populated with Bratinds. Contrary to their behavioral patterns, Bratinds have evolved into nocturnal, highly gregarious life forms with a penchant for the addictive Small Continent Warm Coffee. Providing support in this endeavour are the Coolbings, who sustain themselves on Short Bank Warm Coffee."

"Coolkadans participate in the utterly meaningless festival of Piggyzigmasia, wherein a bevy of porcine beauties are paraded in front of Motnikichu's descendants; festivities often end before they start, propelling one and all to proclaim 'Time travels backwards!'"

"Coolkadans hate the Bihqueletians. Nobody quite knows why. Every other Earthling loves them."

"Coolkadans eat a lot. Maybe not as much as Cheekaguans. But a lot. As a result, the flatulence produced is used as a source of energy. And, Coolkada is an energy-surplus city."

Monday, January 08, 2007

Save me !!!

One fine day when the sky was clear,
Vin called up for what I thought banter;
Little did I know his despair,
But soon shared the fear.

His voice was shaky,
His words were flaky;
There seemed to be no rhyme nor reason
Until he told me his position.

Uncle and Auntie, full of pride,
Arranged, for the son, some wannabe brides;
My dear friend, unable to cope,
Turned to me for hope.

Knew not I what to say,
Boy! Did I find, to my utter dismay;
Friends we have been through thick and thin,
Come along, he said, you might save my skin.

What a feast was laid out for us,
Oh ! The mother-in-law made such a fuss;
The bride-to-be was in her best sari,
It screamed, it's me who you must marry !

I was having fun, Vin was glum,
Until the moment which turned me mum;
One of the aunts of the bride-to-be,
Surreptitiously sat beside me.

She asked me this and she asked me that,
How much money did I make and whether I had a flat;
And, then around my neck hung the noose,
When she said, "It's you I'd rather choose !"

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Take a Break !

For years on end, he kept on working. And working. And working - tirelessly, pushing back the cries of 'Take a break !' to the far recesses of his brain from where they would not teeter out again. But, once in a while, they managed to. Of course, he did not stop for that would mean widespread calamity ! Often, he wondered how much longer he could carry on.

He tried hard to remember when he started. He could not. All these years of hard work had taken its toll on him. How he yearned for his primeval surroundings ! The present smothered him - he felt himself shrinking inwards.

The sudden realisation of how much work he still had to do startled him out of his reverie ! He was the last one who could think of something like this. Even if the entire humanity took a break, how could he ?

How could He ?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh no ! Soul tagged me !

Man ! This is the frst time I've been tagged ! That too by the great one herself - 'Soul'. In her words, this putting heavy heavy burdening on me shoulder, I very very tensionous ! Hehe, okay ! I shall do that in due course but a little bit of chit-chat before that. The weekend was fun - I had monday off in honour of a man who thought he discovered a route to my motherland but ended up somewhere else, to be precise, ended up here. Well, that does not concern me but the fact I had a day off makes me bless his departed soul ! I took my mommy to this state park in Indiana - it was amazing, peak fall colours, a lovely lake and brilliant weather. Oh ! I finally visited the Shedd Aquarium - after inhabiting Chicago for so long - can you believe it !

Okay. Enough of the niceties. Let's get down to the point.

Firstly, my hair. I've always had the freakingest hairdo in my class - at least while I was in high school. Now, its a lot more civilised but it absolutely refuses to stay put the way I like. Its like its got a mind of its own that motions it to frolic around - not elegantly similar to the gamboling of deer, but like the very awkward teeter of a teenager who's had his first couple of shots.

Secondly, what I enjoy at times (when I'm very peevish and Satanic, otherwise I'm very sweet - ask Soul) is embarassing people. They might be very good friends or people I do not know too well, but these considerations do not stop me from taking their asses. In an instant, I can transmorgify into this primeval beast and inflict the sharpest of verbal missiles on anybody. Yes, I mean anybody. Thanks to my friend V for pointing this out - I am trying to change.

Thirdly, I have no interest in studies/work but only think of food and cricket. Funny for a person who has completed his Masters and has started working.

The fourth 'weird' thing about me is that I can insist to talk in Hindi with my countrywomen ( not countrymen - see. I am not a MVP.) though I suck at it. Absolutely. And then make excuses that I get only the gender forms of the verb wrong. What else is there in Hindi !!?!? But, that provides good entertainment to people who have not known me for a long time. For the people who have, its another of the reasons for their liking/hating me. (I did not want to write hating. So, I put in the liking part too.)

Contrary, to popular opinion about guys, I like shopping. Or, rather accompaning women on their shopping trips. And, no I'm not gay ! Niet ! Niet !

Number six. When I meet somebody for the first time, I think he/she is good. But, thats wrong sometimes, well, most of the time actually. But, the bull in me refuses to change !

The seventh one is the most deadly. I can write shit. A lot of shit. See, you know - you have been through my writings. Haha ! Lol !

I'll keep it at seven. Like the seven deadly sins. See - another line of pointless shit !

Ohh ! I almost forgot. I gladly tag Brotix !

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And thus...

The world would come to an end. With him. Though a bit obtuse, it was the truth. No amount of haggling could change the course of events that were to follow.

For the umpteenth time, she tried to bargain with the shopkeeper to sell the three thousand rupees worth saree for two thousand; she had to be careful - these days you could not quite trust anybody. Finally, the wiry-framed middle-aged seller caved in. The deal had been struck for two thousand two hundred and seventy-five only.

He remembered his childhood. The school, the friends, the neighbourhood, the smell of the football field after the first showers of the monsoons, the pujas, the visits to Flurys, the visits to Shiraz, the cricket matches - he remembered them all. But, most of all, he remembered his mother. He remembered her for all the fun they had together, for the support they were for each other, for the friend she had been to her.

One day, while at work, he received a call from his uncle. His mother had had a heart attack and had been hospitalized. Those last few moments brought back tears to his eyes. It was not suppposed to end like this, he thought. It was supposed to be different.

She was a bit nervous as the day of the marriage drove nearer and nearer. Being the practical person she was, she realized that no matter how much she loved him and vice-versa, it would indeed take a fair bit of adjusting to lead a life of sheer bliss.

Now, the time was ripe. He could finally do it. Nobody would stop him. Everybody would be busy with his sister's marriage. No one would notice anything different with him. For years, he had withdrawn into a shell and despised communicating with people, save his sister. Only she understood him and stood by him. The only glitter of hope for him in this dark and desolate world was her. How could he do this to her ? After all she had done for him ? Leave her alone ?

He decided he would give her the best wedding gift ever. And, thus the vial of poison was despatched into the wash basin.