Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh no ! Soul tagged me !

Man ! This is the frst time I've been tagged ! That too by the great one herself - 'Soul'. In her words, this putting heavy heavy burdening on me shoulder, I very very tensionous ! Hehe, okay ! I shall do that in due course but a little bit of chit-chat before that. The weekend was fun - I had monday off in honour of a man who thought he discovered a route to my motherland but ended up somewhere else, to be precise, ended up here. Well, that does not concern me but the fact I had a day off makes me bless his departed soul ! I took my mommy to this state park in Indiana - it was amazing, peak fall colours, a lovely lake and brilliant weather. Oh ! I finally visited the Shedd Aquarium - after inhabiting Chicago for so long - can you believe it !

Okay. Enough of the niceties. Let's get down to the point.

Firstly, my hair. I've always had the freakingest hairdo in my class - at least while I was in high school. Now, its a lot more civilised but it absolutely refuses to stay put the way I like. Its like its got a mind of its own that motions it to frolic around - not elegantly similar to the gamboling of deer, but like the very awkward teeter of a teenager who's had his first couple of shots.

Secondly, what I enjoy at times (when I'm very peevish and Satanic, otherwise I'm very sweet - ask Soul) is embarassing people. They might be very good friends or people I do not know too well, but these considerations do not stop me from taking their asses. In an instant, I can transmorgify into this primeval beast and inflict the sharpest of verbal missiles on anybody. Yes, I mean anybody. Thanks to my friend V for pointing this out - I am trying to change.

Thirdly, I have no interest in studies/work but only think of food and cricket. Funny for a person who has completed his Masters and has started working.

The fourth 'weird' thing about me is that I can insist to talk in Hindi with my countrywomen ( not countrymen - see. I am not a MVP.) though I suck at it. Absolutely. And then make excuses that I get only the gender forms of the verb wrong. What else is there in Hindi !!?!? But, that provides good entertainment to people who have not known me for a long time. For the people who have, its another of the reasons for their liking/hating me. (I did not want to write hating. So, I put in the liking part too.)

Contrary, to popular opinion about guys, I like shopping. Or, rather accompaning women on their shopping trips. And, no I'm not gay ! Niet ! Niet !

Number six. When I meet somebody for the first time, I think he/she is good. But, thats wrong sometimes, well, most of the time actually. But, the bull in me refuses to change !

The seventh one is the most deadly. I can write shit. A lot of shit. See, you know - you have been through my writings. Haha ! Lol !

I'll keep it at seven. Like the seven deadly sins. See - another line of pointless shit !

Ohh ! I almost forgot. I gladly tag Brotix !


s0ulasylum said...

aaaaaha!! WEIRDO...

** food and cricket eh? wht about movies.. crobar.. yapping.. SLEEP (which we dont get enuff of!) .. and all the other goodies of life?? tell tell

** u write pointless shit? then how is it tht i enjoy it ALWAYS? are u trying to tell me i have bad taste.. i have no sense of literature?? grrrr..

** u love shopping.. tht i agree completely from the once that i went with you.. haha ur super patient man! awesome!! :D

u went to indiana state park?? wowie.. heard loads abt it.. pics???

im so gladly i am gaving the tensiousness.. huhahaha.. i stil owe u tht fone call am at work now so no orkut.. abt thnksgiving a coupla my frnds makin it here to chicago.. so wont be able to join u guys.. im sowwiee! thnks for asking me tho! :) have fun !!

Vin said...


Thnk u ! Thnk u ! My heart fluttering at happinesses everywhering. Seriously, I'm quite jobless, today as well....was reading a feew of your old posts.....nice I say ! Anyways, let see about Thanksgiving - not sure what we'll do - shall keep you posted ! And, it is indeed the longest comment of the century - but I loueeeeeeed it !!

s0ul said...

old posts??? which ones..??? me the glad one that the likeness happened.. :D nope.. u cant beat me to this pathetic grammar bit!! hahahaha..

Vin said...

Old.....very just after the French Revolution......! Hehe - ones you've probably forgotten.....and about the grammar part - I being just beginning, taking big time......hahaha !

Anonymous said...
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brotix said...

Thank you man for tagging me... I feel it's a big honor :-) Only god knows when I will reply to this challenge, but I will try to do it soon...
btw, totally pointless shit... true, very true... :-)
Take a lot of care man!

brotix said...

yo man... I did my part and I answered to this thing... Now it's your turn to keep writing... Don't be lazy