Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Place 1.0.-1

Cool facts about the city I am from:

"Coolkada, the city of Nostroo - the Epsyminian Sith Lord, is famous for the creation of giant Roschocogollas; it is believed that the city originated when Gollarexia, the Supreme Abbot of the Durc Side, decided that the victory over the Luyt Side required commemoration very grand and monumental. Thus, Coolkada was born. Even now, a thousand years later, it is the foremost creator and producer of Roschocogollas in EarthlingsLand. The latest creation has been termed Totcoolroschocogolla and sells for milli$453.29 per millipound."

"Coolkada is densely populated with Bratinds. Contrary to their behavioral patterns, Bratinds have evolved into nocturnal, highly gregarious life forms with a penchant for the addictive Small Continent Warm Coffee. Providing support in this endeavour are the Coolbings, who sustain themselves on Short Bank Warm Coffee."

"Coolkadans participate in the utterly meaningless festival of Piggyzigmasia, wherein a bevy of porcine beauties are paraded in front of Motnikichu's descendants; festivities often end before they start, propelling one and all to proclaim 'Time travels backwards!'"

"Coolkadans hate the Bihqueletians. Nobody quite knows why. Every other Earthling loves them."

"Coolkadans eat a lot. Maybe not as much as Cheekaguans. But a lot. As a result, the flatulence produced is used as a source of energy. And, Coolkada is an energy-surplus city."