Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Place !

Cool facts about the city I 'inhabit' :

"Cheekagu happens to be the land of Nostroo - the Epsyminian Sith Lord, originally from Coolkada; he was banished here by Motnikichu - the Emperor of the Durc Side after refusing to partake of his share of the giant Roschocogolla after their famous victory over the Zwshestuksus of Goollajamunia. To this day, Nostroo is revered by the locals who wear tin hats and confetti pants for 3 microminutes everyday as soon as they see the reddish orb in the sky, which they think is one of his numerous eyes."

"Cheekagu is a perfect realisation of the hypothetical Murphy's Laws; an appropriate example is - Whenever you shall carry an umbrella, it shall not rain; whenever you shall not, it shall pour."

"Cheekagu has been attacked by hordes of Vikeens, Breetes, Spenise and Bratinds. Actually, the natives do not realise who is on their side or what the cause of the attacks are. They just fight. However, every able-bodied soldier stops to drink the famous Kiagara - which they believe will end the wars - every day at the stroke of midnight."

"Cheekaguans eat. A lot. In fact, denizens eat so much that they have to go to the loo every 3.1416 millihours (1 Cheekagu millihour is equivalent to 0.001 times the time taken by Yuri Garginia to complete one revolution around Charon)."

"Cheekagu is actually called Zumbinihertifiasditticoorased by Earthlings. No special reasons really. Earthlings are just mad."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Morning Blues !

This post is not about me, well at least not just abot me. It is about those brave souls who have to brave the severest of odds five times a week often sacrificing their biggest love.

Guesses anybody ?!

If you wake up at 5.30 in the morning to catch a god-forsaken train at 7.00 to reach work at 8.30 umpteen miles away from where you reside, you will know.

If you do not, the world is not fair - just not fair !