Monday, September 25, 2006


"Very well. Is this what you want ?"


"Are you sure ?"


"You're not going to change your mind later, are you ?"


"Ohh ! All right then. Here you go."
And with these final words, he grapsed the documents. His fingers quivered for a moment; he remembered those bygone days when they were an item.

"What are you waiting for ? Sign up quickly. We shall finally have what we have wanted for so long." The shrill reminder from his wife coerced him to do what he was hesitating to. His hapless look didn't have a chance vis-a-vis the glare of his wife.

She did not move. Yet. Stoned to her seat, she fished for words. So did he. One of those awkward moments returned to haunt them. Like the moment when he broke to her the news of his going abroad. Like the moment when she told him she was getting married. Like the moment, he in a fit of madness, decided to marry. Also like the moment, he discovered that she had lied about her impending marriage.

Shreya shed a tear. She, being equally close to them knew everything. She did not utter a word yet. She looked at the radiant face of the new-born. Little did he understand the intricacies of events around him. Ever happy, he kept on smiling.

All this had happened in the space of less than an year. And now another twist of fate had brought them together.

He thought, " What is wrong with her ? Why does she not tell me who the father is ?"

She thought, "At last my son can have a family."

The wife thought, "Yes, I finally shall have a child !"

Shreya's only wondered if she would be the one to break the truth to him.

After, all the formalities were over, she left. In her own quiet, dignified way - without any sign of the impending storm.

Days passed. The child had become a man. Life went on normally. Like it should have in the first place.

Ringg ! Ringgg !
"Hello !"

"Hello Vin ! Shreya here ! Come quickly. It's Maya. She....Its very serious."

"Ohh ! What happened Shreya ?"

"Just come please. Don't ask me why, but get your son too."

He reached - a trife late though. She had passed away. Shreya was there. So was her husband. They were the only people Maya was close to.

"You're late. As usual. All Maya wanted was a glimpse of her son. Actually yours."

"Our son !"

"It took you all these years Vin ! Why ? Why ?!"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Travails of shifting and some other pointless stuff !

Uff ! What a couple of weekends I've been having - moving, setting the new place up, playing cricket, partying and playing goody-goody-son to my Mom (whos incidentally in town)...

For starters, don't move...even if your lease ends and you are all but kicked out of your place. I frigging moved for the fifth time in the last couple of years - one, MSV to South Commons; two, South Commons to Cunningham; three, Cunningham to Bridgeport #1; four, Bridgeport #1 to Bridgeport #2; five, Bridgeport #2 to PT.......quite an achievement, is it not ? Considering four of these five were accomplished in the harsh Chicago winter !!!

Ok..made endless trips to Ikea; nice little (!) place but throw in a male (read : MALE) roommie who loves to shop (oxymoron - anyone ?) and a disgruntled idiot who's taken the day off (that's me unfortunately) - buying furniture for a shared flat. See. Its not that difficult to see the point (or futility of the entire operation).

Played cricket. Yet again. Won 1 game, other got rained out. Made 3 runs in the first, got dropped for the second. Obvious. Quite obvious. Just 3 matches left, QF, SF and the Finals. Hope real hard its not curtains for me this season ! (All the readers pray too. Well, as of now I have just 2 readers I guess - Soul and Brotix.)

Watched Lage Raho. A delightful movie - don't remember the last time I got entertained so much at the theatre.

Aha ! Now one of the highpoints - went to Vision; great club, great ambience and great music ! Infected Mushrooms is just mindblowing !

Already looking forward to the next weekend ! Have a few chores lined up already. Hope this bloody awful weather passes off for some last gasps of bright sunshine !