Monday, January 08, 2007

Save me !!!

One fine day when the sky was clear,
Vin called up for what I thought banter;
Little did I know his despair,
But soon shared the fear.

His voice was shaky,
His words were flaky;
There seemed to be no rhyme nor reason
Until he told me his position.

Uncle and Auntie, full of pride,
Arranged, for the son, some wannabe brides;
My dear friend, unable to cope,
Turned to me for hope.

Knew not I what to say,
Boy! Did I find, to my utter dismay;
Friends we have been through thick and thin,
Come along, he said, you might save my skin.

What a feast was laid out for us,
Oh ! The mother-in-law made such a fuss;
The bride-to-be was in her best sari,
It screamed, it's me who you must marry !

I was having fun, Vin was glum,
Until the moment which turned me mum;
One of the aunts of the bride-to-be,
Surreptitiously sat beside me.

She asked me this and she asked me that,
How much money did I make and whether I had a flat;
And, then around my neck hung the noose,
When she said, "It's you I'd rather choose !"