Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Take a Break !

For years on end, he kept on working. And working. And working - tirelessly, pushing back the cries of 'Take a break !' to the far recesses of his brain from where they would not teeter out again. But, once in a while, they managed to. Of course, he did not stop for that would mean widespread calamity ! Often, he wondered how much longer he could carry on.

He tried hard to remember when he started. He could not. All these years of hard work had taken its toll on him. How he yearned for his primeval surroundings ! The present smothered him - he felt himself shrinking inwards.

The sudden realisation of how much work he still had to do startled him out of his reverie ! He was the last one who could think of something like this. Even if the entire humanity took a break, how could he ?

How could He ?


s0ul said...

u tired of working already?????? hahaha. i am.. but nothing breaks me out of my reverie..!!! :-D

ssssup there?? wass cookin? :)

Vin said...


Hey, its not about me :( ..... notice the "He" at the end ? Lol !!

Hehehehehe ! You still have to appear for exams !! Hahahaha ! I don't ! I don't !